What's up with the future of CatBlock?

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Hey everyone!

For last couple of weeks (well, ~3 months), we’ve been very busy with our own life, and therefore we haven’t released any update to CatBlock. We would like to apologize for that!

Fortunately, it’s about to change!

But first, we would like to share our feelings and tell the world, that we are very happy that the CATS project was a big hit in London and we were a part of this wonderful project!

Now let’s get back to CatBlock! What should you expect in upcoming days?

We are preparing a new 1.5 version of CatBlock! This includes an updated Options page and some bug-fixes to the code. As always, you will be able to check the changes on our Github Releases page once the version gets released.

What’s up with CatBlock for Edge?

CatBlock for Edge hasn’t been released to the Windows Store yet and we really cannot do much with that. 3rd party developers are not allowed to publish extensions to the Windows Store, since publishing extensions is NOT an automated process. Unfortunately, our extension hasn’t been chosen as one, which can be published to the Windows Store. The only thing we can do at the moment is wait for letting 3rd party Edge extension developers publish extensions to the Windows Store. When this changes, we will definitely let you know!

What’s next?

Our long-term goal hasn’t changed - we want to improve CatBlock as much as we can and implement features no other ad blocker has!

As soon as possible, we would like to change the code to the newer syntax & implement syncing of the extension settings via Dropbox, like AdBlock used to have in the past.

If you want to share your ideas how to improve CatBlock, just let us know on our Github page by creating an issue OR you can always send us an e-mail! If you would like to get involved in our project, let us know by sending us an e-mail and we will see what we can do!

Thanks and see you soon!