What IS CatBlock?

We've used the freely available code from AdBlock and taken all those ads you don't see, and replaced them with pictures of cats!

If you'd rather not see cats, you can use any other set of images you want from Flickr!

Who are we?

We, the founders of this AdBlock fork, all have experience with the AdBlock project, and have regularly contributed to the project in the past.

We are:

Kieran Peckett (England)

Tomáš Taro (Slovakia)

If you want to join in, go ahead! We have a public Discord server where you can contribute to the project!

How does CatBlock work?

Like AdBlock before us, CatBlock is 100% open-source, licensed under the GNU GPLv3. Feel free to check out out code at GitHub.

CatBlock is not working!

Oh no! Don't worry - we regularly check our support site for any problems or questions you might have. We also have a public Discord server for anyone to join and get help with CatBlock!