Privacy Policy

Last updated: 6th January 2016 (GMT)

We at CatBlock aim to collect as little information as possible to run the software.

Currently, we collect no data directly from our users via the extension. The anonymous "ping" system from AdBlock is also removed.

We do use Google Analytics on this website, which includes data related to your interests and basic information, as part of the "Demographics and Interest Reporting" feature.

This uses the Google Analytics and DoubleClick (Google AdSense) cookies to gather the information, and you can opt-out of these cookies at the places listed below:

If Do Not Track is enabled in your browser settings, we do not run the Google Analytics script, so your data will not be collected.

We are only presented with data in percentages, and cannot track individual users. We use the data given to us to make sure that the website serves its purpose and that people can find the information the need.

We use hosting services provided by GitHub for file hosting, this website and issue tracking. If you use our pages on GitHub, GitHub are able to use your submissions in accordance with their policy. If you submit code to the project, you agree that it will be licenced under the GNU GPLv3, a copy of which can be found in the LICENSE file in the source code, and any other licenses we may release the code under in the future.

By using this website and/or the CatBlock extension, you agree to any handling of any data we collect in accordance with this policy, and any future revisions to it. As we do not collect any contact information, we have no way of contacting you when this policy changes. You must check back either on this page (the "last updated" date will have changed) or the CatBlock blog (found at regularly to check. If you have any questions about this policy, you can contact the team at [email protected] and we will respond to them, and also clarify on this page as needed.