C.A.T.S. And Us

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A few months ago, we got an email from someone called James. He told us he’d been planning something called the Citizen Advertising Takeover Service (or C.A.T.S. for short) and he thought we’d be interested in helping them out.

But first, lets explain what C.A.T.S. is.

Every day, when you’re commuting to work/school, you see ads. When you’re watching TV, you’ll often see ads. All these ads are doing is getting you to buy whatever product it is they’re showing you, often by making you think that you’d be happier with it.

As the saying goes, “you can’t buy happiness”. However, the advertising industry doesn’t promote good feelings like friends or just sitting down and watching the world go by.

C.A.T.S. tries to change this in a unique way. They have raised over £23,000 on Kickstarter to put pictures of cats in the ad spaces on a London tube station to cheer everyone up on their commute.

So naturally, when looking for connections between cats (or C.A.T.S. 😛) and advertising, they found us! They then got in touch, and asked if we’d be willing to provide a personalised version of CatBlock to them as a Kickstarter perk. We loved the idea as much as they did and immediately said yes!

Over the next few months, we discussed how to go about this, and are getting the last few finishing touches done over this next month to add a little personalisation for their backers.

If you’re near Clapham Common tube station on 12th September 2016, go and check it out! The “ads” will be from the ticket barriers right down to the platforms. If you’re looking for it on the tube map, it’s on the Northern line (the black one) in Zone 2, a few stops after Waterloo.