New Update for MS Edge beta - version 1.4.1 (plus news for people who like testing things)

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We’ve released CatBlock for Edge version 1.4.1! You can download it from this page.

This fixes a few bugs with the original version we released, including:

  • Added context menu options (Pause/Unpause CatBlock; Options page)
  • Move from extension.getURL to runtime.getURL API
  • Move from the deprecated extension.sendRequest/onRequest to runtime.sendMessage/onMessage
  • Updates to the port.js file (reflecting the API changes)
  • Updated jQuery and jQuery UI libraries
  • Updated punycode.js library
  • Changed Options page behaviour
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed selecting certain options on General tab

This has also been released for Chrome and Safari, so that users of those versions can make sure that the changes we’re making for Edge aren’t affecting them at all.

The changes should be fine, but if you ever notice a bug, report it to us straight away!

Continuous Integration:

Also, we’ve been working on making it possible to release a beta-testing version of CatBlock with code we’ve been working on, as we work on it, thanks to the magic of Continuous Integration and Travis CI!

After each commit in CatBlock’s GitHub repository, a new package of CatBlock (for every browser) will be created and uploaded to the new GitHub repository called CatBlock Nightlies. You can find instructions, how to install Catblock Nightlies, right here.

Please mind, that CatBlock Nightlies are mainly intended for beta testers and developers.

See you soon!

Kieran and Tomáš