WOW! Totally unexpected!

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Wow. We weren’t expecting such an overwhelming response to our announcement. We didn’t even know that there was even anyone keeping an eye on us at all.

As there’s really only two of us most of the time, with busy lives outside of this, our hobby, work on CatBlock has always been a little slow. With yesterday’s announcement post, we were suddenly confronted with loads of news articles showing up with a simple search for “CatBlock”, where previously it just showed news about the AdBlock April Fools’ joke in 2012 that started it all off.

We have further visions for what this little extension could be, beyond a simple ad blocker, or even an image replacement tool. We’re discussing a few ideas for other things that could turn CatBlock from a small open-source extension into a huge web enhancement suite, with loads of features that we haven’t thought of yet. Those plans are probably a long way off yet.

Right now, our focus is on making sure that CatBlock in its current form works across Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox and Edge. To do that, we need time, something that is a rare commodity for us. On Edge, we will be making a notification inside the extension (there will be a little “New!” tag on the button and info on how to update will be inside the popup menu) when a new update is available .

If you’re even a little bit knowledgeable in HTML, CSS & JavaScript/jQuery and want to help us out a little, get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’d be glad to have you on board!

Thanks a bunch!