New Website design

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Our old site, based around this blog, has been completely updated and redesigned thanks to our lead developer Tomáš. It now loads faster and doesn’t crash as much! We’ll be adjusting the blog to be even more awesome than before!

If you want to check out the source, see our GitHub page for it. Also, if anyone has skills with PHP, then adjusting our theme to make a WordPress Theme for the blog would be awesome! Get in touch with us through our email: catblockteam AT

Also, for those who don’t know, we like to keep you all informed of what we’re doing. We’ve got a Trello board where we discuss everything, and an IRC channel (#catblock on Freenode) where you’ll often find someone in the team online, as long as you’re not from Australia, as the whole team is from Europe. (Even so, I’ve got a bot online regularly)