We're nearly ready to release an update

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Ever since we published CatBlock 1.1, our first working version, we've been working our socks off to bring you an update, where CatBlock looks much better, and has all the features of newer AdBlock versions. CatBlock 1.2 is based on AdBlock 2.14, and therefore has the new design that we've all become accustomed to. There's even the YouTube channel whitelisting feature, for those that want it.

Other things we've added to this coming update:

  • Translations for the CatBlock options page for Slovak, French, Dutch and Russian have been added, so you can understand CatBlock better. (want to help translate CatBlock's options into your language? See this page for instructions)
  • Tired of the AdBlock "thumbs up" for whitelisted pages? We've improved it, giving you a paws up instead! It also helps you to know you're using CatBlock and not AdBlock, so there's actually a use, weirdly.

We're not yet sure about an exact release date for this update, as I'm away on holiday this week, and I'm currently the only person with access to publish new versions, but we'll definitely get it out by the end of April. In the meantime, if you're technically inclined, you can grab the latest, bleeding-edge code, from our GitHub Page and load it into your browser using the developer tools.

If you want to track the progress of the release process, just check out our release tracking card on Trello and you'll see the whole info.